Units Furniture

Design statement  Units Furniture is a new mass customization system that allows customers to customize their unique one-off multifunctional furniture for their limited living space. Saving space, modularity and multifunction have become the… Continue reading

How to install the drawer sliders? The answer is here.

Assembling and Testing.

How to display Units Furniture in thesis show? / Collateral design

——————————————-[brochure design]—————————————————————————————- ——————————————-[documentation book cover]—————————————————————————————-

Manufacturing process

Special thanks for Weihai adornus cabinetry manufacturing CO.,LTD‘s help!                 


BASEMORE + LIZA [Units Furniture]

BASEMORE, a multifunctional chair, has a drawer and three optional joints which connecting with armrest, hangers, and LIZE(a armrest cabinet). More finishes include materials, colors, texture and joints will be published in the… Continue reading

UNITS FURNITURE is here now!

Since last semester, I have been working on this furniture system. Now, it is almost done. But now is not the end of this system. However, there are much more space in this… Continue reading

Sketches 3.0


Combiando is one piece in my multifunctional furniture design system.  

Sketches 1.0


Sketches 2.0

Tasks and Schedule

by Musen CREAT TASKS  A list of tasks   Document two or three interviews as cases to explain how my mass customized multifunctional furniture platform will work.   (sub-task)Design show boards to present… Continue reading

Presentation section5 [multifunctional furniture research]


http://us.sofa.com/ you can get free sample from this company!!!


Tetran-modular furniture manufacturer


Presentation section4-midterm [concept statement]

Haute Couture for Furniture

By NAZANIN LANKARANI Published: November 21, 2011PARIS — Rare are the luncheon guests who arrive bearing as a gift an object made by an haute couture designer. Still, when the Italian actress Valentina… Continue reading

One paragraph to describe my thesis

Creating a online buyer-centric platform through parametric processes to achieve mass customization for furniture manufacturing. This platform can be considered as an interactive dialogue between producer and consumers. This platform  relates to design… Continue reading


Definition of HAUTE COUTURE Haute Couture: the houses or designers that create exclusive and often trend-setting fashions for women; also : the fashions created French for “high sewing” or “high dressmaking” or “high fashion”) Haute couture is made to order… Continue reading


Definition: Customization

This is part of my series of blog posts where I define common terms that are related with mass customization. Also see the definitions for mass-customization,  co-creation and design your own/ create your own. Customization is probably… Continue reading

Create Your Own – Mass Customisation

In this video, the guest speakers are giving us some websites as examples to explore how to use mass customization to satisfy customers’ wants and needs. eg: team uniform, shirt and clothes…fashion customization…

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